Visit Petra ancient city 7 wonders of world in Jordan

Petra ancient city is the 7 wonders of the world. It is in Jordan. It is an ancient historical arcological rose-red tourist city for the visitor. It is a lost city like Harappa. Cappadocia in Turkey is also like this.

The Petra has a great value for the people. The people of Jordan consider Petra as the symbol of their country. Petra of Jordan was established a long period ago, but it became famous about two hundred years ago. It is assumed that Petra was built in the early fifth century BC.

Photo of Petra ancient city

Photo of Petra in Jordan

History of Petra ancient city in Jordan

It is important to know about Nabateans before getting more talk about Petra. Nabateans are people who came in the present Jordan at 100 AD. Nabateans call Petra as Ragmu. In 300 BC, Petra was the city of Nabatean Kingdom. The place is located in the southwestern part of the Hashemite Kingdom.

Petra ancient city is one of the greatest architectural monuments of the current time. Many people like visiting different places for them Petra of Jordan would be an eye blushing treat. It is a historic place which is loved by the travellers and visitors of the country. The Petra is also known as Rose City. If you have never seen this place before, then by the end of the article your answer can change.

Why the place is important

There are many reasons which make the place so important. This monument or arch was built thousand of years ago, and for that reason, it got historical importance.UNESCO has quoted it as “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage”. And till date, many of the papers and magazines has given it many prestigious form of names.You might have seen the movie named The Mummy Returns and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, theses movies have been picturized in Petra. There some other famous movies named Indiana Jones, Arabian Nights, Mortal Kombar, were also shooted at that place. The above writing proves the importance of the place.

Opening and closing time

The Petra is open from 6 A.M. in the early morning and Closes at 6 P.M. But in winter seasons, the place closes early at 4 PM.

Car parking

The travellers of Petra often look for the parking near. There is a huge parking slot available for the visitors. The parking slot is behind the visitors center.

Best travel time

In the summer, the atmosphere is unbearable here in Jordan. It is suggested for everyone to plan their tour to attractive Petra Jordan in the less hot months of the year. It is hardly suggested to plan a tour between September or October.


The Petra is about one and a half Kilometer away from the Aqaba Airport by car. But it is strongly recommended to take a long rest before going to visit the Petra. The Petra costs 35$ for a non-Arab person to visit the place. If you are trying to get an overnight pass it may cost 65 USD. And if you are less than 15 then you don’t need any ticket. And there is good news for students and Arabs that they have to pay just 1 USD.


The place is full of hotness; the temperature remains hot always. Use easy dresses rather than formal ones. Don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you when you are visiting this attractive place named as Petra Jordan. There is no need to think about the safety as there is numerous guards present there. Take plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Official site of Petra is

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