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Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s most popular recognized architectural excellence located  at Bennelong in Sydney Harbour, Australia.

Sydney Opera House Info

It is an icon of Australia’s innovative capacity and technical soundness. The construction of the opera house was completed in the year 1973. The architecture is popular all over the world because of its unique unorthodox design and construction. The location of the house has given it a unique look as it has been established in the Bennelong Point with a harbor setting. The construction of the opera house was started in the year 1957 and it took almost 16 years to build. The designer of the building is Pritzker Prize and Danish architect Utzon. The constructor so the building was M R Hornibrook. The complex engineering problems and increasing expenditure of the building raised much controversy and the establishment of such a building was in question. But after the establishment of the opera house it captivated the mind of the critiques and subsided the controversy. Ultimately it cost the Australian government about $AU 102,000,000 to build.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Photo

Importance of Sydney Opera House

It has been playing a very crucial role since its establishment as a national cultural center. It has got huge respect and recognition as arts venue of people from all over the world including Australia. It symbolizes the creativity and technological advancement of Australian people and their love for culture.

Major Attractions of the Site

It has a concert hall, drama and opera theaters where you can enjoy the performance of renowned musicians. There is a drama hall where, every day, dramas of various cast, creed and cultures are played. There is a well equipped and well furnished studio where various dramas and films are created. It is a place where the artists from the all over the world comes close to each other and share their works and thought.
Another attraction of the site is that it has a unique shell shaped look in the roof top. According to Utzon, one of the designers of opera house, it symbolizes the creativity of the Australians to the world. It is located near to port Jackson and on the bank of a harbor which has given the opera house a unique look.

Opening and Closing Time

The opera house opens at 10 am every day. The closing time of the opera house varies time to time. But it usually closes from 5pm to 8 pm.
How to Get to Opera House
It is about 1.4 kilometers away from Sydney New South Wales and it may take about 6 minutes to reach the spot through George St. Bridge and Macquarie Street. There are many bus and car services available from Sydney Airport that takes people to this tourist spot. Nearest subway is Circular Quay.

Tickets of Sydney Opera House

To enjoy variety of programs inside the Sydney Opera House, you will have to pay fee of different amount. The prices of the tickets to view various programs vary significantly based on the show time and duration. The price for different programs usually ranges from $26 to $176. For guided walking tour of the opera house, you will have to pay $26. There are often lunch and dinner packages included in the ticket fee. It is very easy to book tickets online for the programs in the Opera House. Just go to to book ticket for your desired program. There is opportunity for both individual and group booking.

Security and Inspection

The opera house has a very strong security system with 24 hours surveillance. There are security cameras in every corner to observe the activities of the visitors. The police forces in responsibility of the security of the Opera house are always very careful of every moment and actions going on in the opera house. There are fire extinguishers and emergency exit facility for the visitors. If any visitor loses any valuable thing, he or she must contact immediately with the Lost Property Department of Opera House because any found lost properties are handed over to this department. If you lose any item such as wallet, clothing, bag, electronics or umbrella, you can go to the website of Sydney Opera House and give a query in the lost property section. The authority will contact you within 5 business days after locating the item you lost. You will have to collect your lost items from the Lost Property Department of the Opera as soon as possible. It will not bear any cost for the lost property.

Car Parking Facilities

A public car parking company named Wilson Parking owns and operates the car parking system of the Opera House. The car parking facility for the visitors of the house is located in 3 Macquarie Street. You will find pay machine in every level of the car park. The car parking facility is a 24/7 service by the opera house for the visitors and the performers. Like online ticket purchase, you can also pay your car parking fees online. You can prepay you fees. You will also get discount if available. For more information regarding car parking facility in Opera house and fees, you can contact with authority with the given email address: You may also visit the website of Wilson Parking’s website for Opera house car park:

The Best Time to Visit

It is better to visit the opera house in the summer months which starts from November to March is the tourist season in Australia. In this period of time, you will be able to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of ethnic people, Christmas, New Year and Sydney Festivals due to warm weather. If you are fond of dramas, concerts and cultural programs, you should check the website of opera house to get updates regarding the programs of your favorite performer or actor.

Accommodation Near Sydney Bennelong Point

There are many hotels and apartments near this tourist spot. Sir Stamford at Circular Quay is one of them. Better to find hotel after checking the place by google map.

To know more history about Sydney Opera House, please visit the official website of the house. The address of the website is:

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