Statue of Liberty Tour and Ellis Island USA

Tour Statue of Liberty is one of the mega structures located in USA established as a joint effort of USA and France. The place is top tourist attraction for traveler.

History, Facts and Information

A famous French sculptor named Frederic Auguste Bartholdi made the statue of liberty. He used sheets of hammered copper to create the statue and Gustave Eiffel, the architect of Eiffel tower, made the steel framework of the statue. It was given to the United States as a gift from the French people to commemorate the friendship of the two nations. In the year 1865, after the end of Civil War, a French historian named Edouard Laboulaye proposed the French government to make a statue and give it to US as a gift for the success of the nation to promote democracy. In the year, 1884, after the completion of the monument presented to Ambassador named Mortion in a ceremony in Paris. is was The statue was erected on a small island located in New York Bay, named Liberty Island. At present, the statue is standing tall as a symbol of freedom and democracy. It is considered as one of the world’s most prominent landmarks.

Major Attractions of the Statue

The monuments history has been presented in the base through exhibition. The weight of the statue is 4, 50,000 pounds and stands 151 feet tall. Now question arises in the mind that how this mammoth statue was hand over to USA. It was shipped from France to USA in 350 pieces and took about 4 months to put together. The Liberty Island is amazing to see at night as it takes a unique look with different lights.

You can also pay a visit to Ellis Island. It is a museum as a part of Statue of Liberty Monument. In the past it used to be the gateway for the European immigrants. The European immigrants were given permission to enter US through this Island and they were inoculated before giving permission to enter into America. So, it is a very historic place which is worth visiting. It is very easy to reach Ellis Island as it is very close to Statue of Liberty Monument of Liberty Island. You just have to hire a boat to reach Ellis Island. It is just 4 minutes away from the monument through Freedom Way. you will not have to purchase any additional ticket or pay any fee to enter the Island as the actual ticket of the monument covers the charge of both Liberty island and Ellis Island. About 1.5 million people visit the statue every year being attracted by the history and beauty of the statue.

Statue of Liberty New York Harbor

Statue of Liberty New York City Harbor

How to Get to the Spot

Entrance into Statue of liberty is absolutely free for the visitors. They just have to buy an affordable ferry ticket to reach the spot. The ferry leaves from Battery Park In New York City and it may take about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the spot. You should take some extra time because you will find huge ferry lines. The Ferry opens at 8.30 am. Liberty is about 1.2 miles away from the New York City. The name of the Ferry is Ellis Island.

Tickets for Statue of Liberty

While visiting the Liberty statue, you will find four kinds of tickets. They are Crow Ticket, Pedestal Access Ticket, Reserve Ticket, and Ticket for Hard Hat Tour for Ellis Island. All of them come with their own benefits. The price of Crown Ticket is about $28 for adults, $19 for Children (age: 4-12), and $24 for the Senior Citizens (62+). The cost of Reserve ticket and Pedestal Access ticket is the same for Adult, Children and Senior Citizens and they are consecutively $25, $16, and $21. For ticket of Hard Hat Tour of Ellis Island, the cost for adults will be $50 for Adults and $ 46 for the Senior Citizens. To save valuable time and avoid lines, you can also purchase tickets online.

Car Parking Facility

There are many parking locations available near to Statue of Liberty. There is discount price available for parking car based on the location of the parking. The price ranges from $28 to $52 depending upon the location of car parking. The price has been set for three, six, twelve, and twenty four hours. You can fix the price according to your requirement, especially if you are planning to stay for longer period of time.

Security and Inspection System

Statue of Liberty is protected with 24/7 surveillance system. The visitors are not allowed to enter the Statue with any heavy metals or big baggage and luggage. But the visitors are allowed to enter with small purse and backpacks. There is face recognition software installed in the Liberty Island named FaceVACS, made by a German Tech Company.

Nearby Tourist Spots

There are many attractive tourist spots that you can visit at the same time. The major nearby tourist spots include- American Museum of Natural History and Museum of Modern Art, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can pay a visit to these tourist spots on the same day you visit the Statue of Liberty.

Opening and Closing Schedule Hours

The first ferry leaves from Mainland at 8.30 am and the last one leaves at 5.00 pm. The closing ferry leaves the Liberty Island at 6.45 pm. The Liberty Island closes 15 minutes before the departure of the last ferry.

Best Time to Tour Statue of Liberty

You should take the ferry of 8.30 am because the earlier you reach the spot the better. If you can visit the statue early, you will be able to visit many nearby tourist spot near to statue of liberty. As the day progresses, the line of ferry becomes larger and it gets very populous.

The beauty of the Statue of Liberty cannot be described in words. You must try to pay a visit to witness the beauty of the spot yourself. To know more about Statue of Liberty please visit the official website of the regulatory body of the monument. Source link ::

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