Singapore ISD Code Number is 0065 for International Phone Dialing

Singapore ISD Code Number is +65. International call prefix is “00” and trunk prefix is none. Telephone numbers are usually 8 digits long. Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia. Capital is in Singapore. Currency is known Singapore dollar (SGD).

International Phone Dialing Codes

International Phone Dialing Codes

Singapore ISD Code Number = 0065

Dialing System =+Country Code + City or State or District Code + Phone Number

How to Call Singapore

First, it need to dial 0065, the country code for Singapore. There is no area code of the country. T hen dial 8 digits phone number. For USA, use 011 as exit code.

Emergency Number

Ambulance and Fire: 995
Police: 999

Neighboring Countries ISD Dialing Numbers

There are some neighboring countries of Singapore. Here are some nearest countries name with ISD code,

Malaysia – 0060
Thailand – 0066
India – 0091

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