Purchase Airline Tickets with Best Deals

To purchase airline tickets depends on many factors. Buying ticket with affordable price needs to know some tips and information.

Airline ticket is issued by an airline authority or a travel agent. It is a document, where you can see some unusual words, like PNR, IATA Code and many more. At present, it is called as electronic ticket or e-ticket. PNR number or ticket number is enough for a traveler. Printed copy of this is also known as e-ticket or electronic ticket.

Buying an Air Ticket

Buying an Air Ticket

Elements of Air ticket

In a ticket, traveler can see 9-10 things. They are described below.


Name is very important in a ticket. Check the name with you passport document. it need to be correct. Airline will not allow wrong name.


PNP means passenger name record. there may be more the one pnr in a ticket. One is agent PNR, another is airline PNR. Normally it is contains 6 words with number and alphabet. it is also know as booking reference. Example:


Ticket number

It is a 13 digits number. Traveler can see on the ticket. if it is on the travel document, it means your ticket is over confirm.


Itinerary means a complete travel chart of a trip, particularly a list of places to visit to voyagers. It includes time, route plan, place name and many more. It is main guideline for a traveler. Airplane reservations give the passenger details about timings about departing and arriving the flights, transit duration, airport name and more.

Passenger Name: YYY/XXX MR

Journey Date
Dep Time
Ariv Time
Departure 10 Jan 6:30 11:30 LONDON NEW YORK
Arrival 15 Jan 21:30 1:20 NEW YORK LONDON

It is costing of a air ticket. There is two part of air price. One is basic fare another is tax. Travel agent gets commission from basic fare. Like, India to Paris fare is $500/- and tax is $150/-. Total fare will come $650/- and agency commission will be on $500/-.

Baggage and Lugagge Allowance

Different airline allow different amount of baggage.it depends on the policies of the particular airline. Normally it is 23 kg. There is some consider for immigrant visa holder. First time travel they get some facilities. For transatlantic passenger, 2 pieces of lugagge are allowed. Weight of each bag will not more than 23 kg. But it is better to talk or visit the particular airline website for more details.

Airline Name and Ticket Number

On the ticket passenger can get the name of the air plane company name. Most of the cases it is express two letter code. Example: Flight name Emirates, two letter code is EX. Ticket number is another part of air ticket. It has 13 digits.

Agent Address and IATA Code

Traveler can buy the ticket in three ways. They are:

Form online
From Airline GSA Office
From Travel Agent

If it buys from travel agent, there will be agent name and address with agent IATA code on the document.

How to Purchase Airline Tickets

Tourist can purchase this travel document in three ways. They are:

  • Form online
  • Direct From Airline of GSA Office
  • From Travel Agency

It is better to buy ticket from an agent. They can give you proper advice and tips for buying ticket. They will advise about the cheapest price, transit time, aircraft, visa and baggage rules. Visitor also can get some commission or discount from there. Means no extra service charge will be taken. There are many categories of air ticket. All categories are based on class. They are first class, business class and economy class. Most of the traveler prefers economy or budget class fare. If transit is more than 8 hours, airline will provide hotel to the passenger. Name and passport number is main part in a ticket. So traveler should check the right spelling of name with passport. Before buying a ticket, voyager can find fare and time schedule of particular airline official website. Every airline offers the beast sales ticket once in a year.

Before buy a ticket, traveler should check the refundable policy. Nonrefundable ticket is more chipper than refundable.

Payment System

Payment can be done by cash, check, Credit card, or paypal. Credit card or paypal is required if ticket is bought from online website.

Things to keep in mind

It is better to reach airport before 2:30 hour ago. otherwise no-show will happen. It means you can not travel that day.Always arrive airport before reporting time. Do not take more weight on lugagge. Again suggest to visit official web site of particular airline about baggage rules. it is better to Keep some local money pocket, it may require to for buying coffee or to buy some goods in airport.

Some airlines have Frequent mileage card. To become a member of this card, traveler can get some extra facilities. So it is better to hold this card.

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