Malaysia ISD Code Number is 0060 for International Phone Dialing

Malaysia ISD Code Number is +60. ISD is the International Subscriber Dialing code. International call prefix for the country is “00” and trunk prefix is “0”. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the country and twin towers one of the  popular tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur.

There is a fixed format for calling a number of the country from out of the country. Calling format for the telephone number is, (IDD)-(+60)-(Area Code)-(Telephone Number). If an international caller wants to call a mobile then he/she should dial, (IDD)-(+60)-(Cellular Number). The country has 9 or 10 digits cellular number. IDD is International Direct Dial which is the exit code. There are 19 area codes in this country.

Malaysia ISD Code Number = 0060

Dialing System = +Country Code + City or State or District Code + Phone Number

Kuala Lumpur twin towers

Kuala Lumpur twin towers

Telecommunication System

The telecommunication systems in this country include internet, telephones, mobile, television and radio. There are 2000 amateur radio stations. 27 TV stations are there also. Around 3.6 million Television sets are there in this country. Internet is very popular in this country. More than 16.902 million internet users are there.

Mobile Operator Company

The country had 29 million subscribers in. The penetration rate was 117.635%. List of mobile operator companies is given here,

1. Celcom
2. Maxis
3. DiGi
4. U Mobile
5. P1
6. Yes 4G
7. Redtone
9. Telekom Malaysia

Telephone Operator Company

There are several telephone service operator companies in this country. Around 4.243 million main lines were active in the country in 2011. List of the telephone operator company is here,

1. Telekom Malaysia
2. Maxis
3. Time dotCom

Emergency Numbers

Emergency numbers are given here,

999- Police and Ambulance
994- Fire
991- Civil Defense

Neighboring Countries

There are some near countries of Malaysia. Name of the nearest countries are given here,

Singapore – 0065
Cambodia – 00855
Vietnam – 0084
Thailand – 0066

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