Hotel Booking and Reservation Tips

Best hotel booking at the affordable rate is a very important part of a traveler at the time of holiday traveling to long distances from home.

It is a very important part of a tourist at the time of traveling to book a hotel. It is a tedious task to find out a proper hotel at the affordable rate. Often hotel booking takes a large portion of the travel fund. So, there are some ways to find out the best hotels at very affordable rate. The following tips will not only help you to find you a proper hotel for yourself but also save much valuable time and money. Let’s have a look at them:

How to Find and Search a Hotel Online

One of the easiest ways to find out desired hotels is to search online. It is very difficult to choice out a good hotel through traveling in each of the available hotels in the region. But if you search online, you will be able to find out and compare many hotels and select the best one according to your requirement.

The ways to effectively search hotels online are as follows:

Use a Meta Search Engine: At present, the Meta search engines have become very popular. The main reason behind the popularity of such search engines is that you can efficiently find out your desired accommodation through these. These search engines allow you to search multiple websites at a time. So, you will be able to find out and compare the providers offering the best and lowest rates. Some of such Meta search engines are Kayak, Room 77, Hipmunk,, and Trip Advisor.

If you have any particular hotel in mind or the number of hotels to choose from is very few then you can visit the website of that particular hotel for collecting more information. If you find any hotel that meets your requirements, then you should make a call to ensure that whether those requirements are available for not.

There are many hotel review sites are available online. They analyze the services of various hotels based on their service quality, types of services, and the feedback of the clients. From these sites, you will get the best idea regarding which hotel to choose. They also periodically rank the hotels for the convenience of the travelers.

Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking

Category of Hotels

The hotels are categorized based on their target markets, location, service, size, facilities, number of rooms and luxury.

  • Based on target market hotels can be classified into 10 types. They are business hotels, airport hotels, suite hotels, extended stay hotels, serviced apartments, resort hotels, bed and breakfast, vacation rentals, casino hotels, and convention centers.
  • Hotels can also be classified based on services: world class service, mid-range service, and budget or limited service.
  • Based on luxury, the hotels can be divided as one star, two star, three star, four star, and five-star hotels. One star and two-star hotels are generally for the lower budget individuals. Three-star hotels come with high-quality service and additional amenities. The four-star hotels come with superior property and variety of amenities. On the other hand, the five-star hotels come with immaculate guest services and very luxury settings.

Hotel Booking and Reservation Tips

Before reserving hotels you should first determine your requirements such as single room, double room, family suite, and distance from the airport, bus stop, business center and marketplace. It will help you to easily find out your desired hotel, and make the reservation or booking easy.

  • First of all to reserve the hotel rooms efficiently, you should call directly which can bring better rates for you. If you call the hotel personnel directly, you will be able to ask questions if the price of the hotel room so high. They will inform you the reasons of high rate such as events like concerts, conventions, and conferences or any particular celebrations cause the price of hotel rooms to go up. Hence, you will be able to contact with another hotel. So, to reserve hotels, it is better to call the hotel authority before going to the hotel in person with baggage.
  • Before booking a hotel, You should book hotels at cancelable rates. Most often, the hotel authorities raise the price of the hotels if there is more demand for the rooms than the supply. When there is the shortage and more customers are ordering to book hotels, the rate may go up. So, the get rid of such problem it is better to take measures ahead of the problem. To avoid such problems, you should choose the rates with Free Cancellation or Pay later benefits. Most of the hotels offer cancelable rates for the customers.
  • You should also look for the facilities available in the hotel and whether they are meeting your requirements or not. The major facilities that usually customers seek from a hotel include the internet, swimming pool, wi-fi, spa, fitness center, parking, and bars etc.

How to Use Credit Card and Paypal

With online payment system, you can pay for the hotel rooms and services very easily through credit card and PayPal. For making payment in advance, you have to put your credit card or PayPal number at the time of booking. If you somehow have to cancel the booking, you will get the refund in your accounts. In case of Paypal, the refunded amount will show within 5 days of receipt. However, if you are to make payment at the hotel, you can also make payment through credit card and PayPal through electronic fund transfer system (EFT). Before using the credit card check the validity and after using talk with the bank.

Hotel Room Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy of hotel room varies based on the nature of the hotel. In some hotels, you will get the full or partial refund if you cancel your booking within 24 hours of booking. But some hotels may charge. If there is free cancelation policy in the hotel, you will receive the full return for advance payment.

Last Minute Hotels Deals

If you are looking for the shorter trip or a romantic weekend, you should look to book hotels that offer Tonight or Deals Tonight offer. At present most of the hotels offer such offers. For such offers, you will find Tonight and Deals Tonight sections in the websites of the hotels. It is called book last minute booking as these offers come suddenly.  Most of the world class hotels are located in San Francisco, Las Vegas,  London, Chicago, Singapore.

It is better to use Google Street to see the view of the hotel. Near top tourist spots, hotels have always rushed, like Statue of Liberty and Sydney Opera House . So need to book them before travel if you want cheap rates.

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