Foys Lake Chittagong Bangladesh

Foys Lake is in Chittagong Bangladesh.People of all ages, especially kids rule the territory comprising of a water theme park, resort and a fun center with iron fist. No pains and sorrows ever dare to enter into the land as it is covered by hillocks and green forests near Pahartoli in a port city on the earth. Interesting thing is that these small hills, a home to deer, and trees with greenery in the area preserve happiness. Wait for a while as it’s now time to unfold the mystery for those who love having great fun during free time. It is really haven for a tourist.

This is amusement world of the warriors, who can encounter all woes and disappointment in life valiantly, a part of Foy’s Lake lying in the heart of the port city, Chittagong. In 1924, Assam-Bengal Railway Engineer Mr Foy made the lake. Big in size, the man-made lake later named after Mr Foy was constructed by erecting an embankment across a narrow valley from one hill top to the other in Pahartoli, in the northern part of the city. For an unforgettable trip, the resort at Foy’s Lake is the best selection due to its beautiful landscapes and magnificent views where you can enjoy a romantic boat ride. The lake with fun of activities has an amusement park, leased by the Concord group. After take a few steps, you will find the Sea World with a good number of rides in the water and rainbow trout, a kind of fish. A mini-zoo at the entrance of the man-made lake is most attractive view having a power to stop all visitors from senior to junior. For music lovers, Foy’s Lake Amusement World is heaven as varieties of cultural programmes and concerts are often staging here.  Meanwhile, to children, the spot is something more than paradise as the colourful shops with their Disneyland bricks at the entrance of the theme park entertain them lots. The other place kids got very excited to see is Sea World.

Before landing of the spot, many aspired of taking a visit to the ‘Top of the World’ revolving restaurant spotted here from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire port city. It is the brainchild of John Graham, a Seattle architect. So if you don’t want to miss the serene look of the area surrounded by hills, forests and wildlife leave immediately for the Disneyland with small penny in your pocket.To land on the dreamy world, reserve your seat of a Chittagong-bound train from Kamlapur Rail Station from Dhaka without giving any scope to your brain to think for second time regarding the tour.
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City – Chittangong
Country – Bangladesh

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