Cappadocia Turkey Tours Information

Cappadocia Turkey Tours is a world top tourist destination. It is a rocky landscape, one of the amazing landscapes in the world located in Turkey.

About Cappadocia

It was designated as a world heritage site during 1985. The place is renowned because of its cultural and natural beauty. The landscape is an amazing example of Byzantine art. The site is located at moonscape region of Cappadocia located at southeast of Ankara. Its unique geological features are the fairy chimneys. There are many cone shaped formations that have been created by creating holes in the soft volcanoes. These holes into the soft volcanoes have been created for thousands of years by the residents for the living purpose. The ancestors have dug into the volcanoes to create home, castles and even underground cities such as Kaymakli and derinkuyu. The underground cities made digging into the volcanoes were used for the purpose of hiding by the Christians. Among all the volcanoes the tallest one is about 3916 meters tall. It has an area of 400 kilometers at the east-west and about 250 kilometers at the north- south. The area has hot dry summers and very cold winter. The land of this area is semi arid as there is very little rainfall throughout the year.

Cappadocia in Turkey

Cappadocia in Turkey

Tourist Attractions in Cappadocia Turkey Tours

You will find erosion shaped landscape of the Goreme valley. There are many chamber and tunnel complex made into the soft rock. You will also be able to see underground landscape. The volcanic eruptions of the past caused thick ash in this region which was by the passage of time solidified and they became about 10 meters thick taking the shapes of cones, pinnacles, chimneys, mushrooms, and pillars. They stretch as far as 40 meters into the sky. This is just the natural aspect of the area. You can also enjoy balloon trip of the area. It will provide you extraordinary experience and the best view of the area. But you must take precautionary measures before the balloon ride.
For thousands of years people have worked with this volcanoes and performed incredible works. They will simply baffle you. You will find all kinds of things made with these soft rocks formed from volcanic ashes. People have made caves, dwelling houses, places for worship, and storehouses. These architectures symbolize the architectural capability of the ancient people. It is thought that as many as eight stories are hidden underground of the town. The tunnels were made by cutting the soft rocks to hide because of the oppression of the rulers. These are the factors that attract millions of visitors to come and visit the amazing tourist spot.

How to Get to The Site

If you are travelling from Istanbul, it will take about 8 hours to reach the site via Ankara. You can reduce the time of journey by flying to Kayseri. It will take about one hour to reach the site in the aero route. Then you will have to take a taxi to get to the heart of the city Cappadocia. The site is about 736 kilometers away from Istanbul. If you are travelling from Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir it will take about respectively 4, 7, and 13 hours to reach the site through the bus route. The town Goreme is the main tourist spot as it contains most of the tourist attractions and has better communication facility. Nevsehir, Urgup, and Avanos also have many attractions that you should try to visit.

The Best Time to Visit the Site

It is better to visit the site during the season when the tropical climate prevails. As it is located in the middle of Turkey, the place contains very hot and dry climate during summer and very snowy, cold condition in the winters. So, before planning for the trip, you should keep in mind the weather condition of that period of time.

Opening and Closing Time

Cappadocia remains opened for the visitors throughout the year. There are some special days in which the underground cities or tunnels remains closed. They are also kept closed at the time of any preservation activity. The gate of the underground cities are usually opened at 8 am and closed at 7 pm.
To avoid crowd, you should reach the area half an hour before the opening of the gate. If you go early, you will also be able to explore the area without any hassle.

Price of Tickets of Kaymakli Underground City

The price of the ticket of the underground city of kaymakli is Euro 6.5 or 15 Turkish Lira. There are various rates based on the age group. There are many online sites that sale the tickets of the underground city. You may also purchase tickets from them. For applying for tickets online, you will have to fill up an electronic form providing all of your information along with the details of the credit or debit card. After the application, you will be given the link for downloading the ticket. After downloading, you must keep the printed copy of the ticket with yourself and present it to the desk or the gate of the site. You may book your ticket to

Safety and Security

After the Middle East crisis, more security measures have been taken to protect the site from any kind of threats. There are many security guards and policies deployed for the protection of both the visitors and the area. The visitors are not allowed to enter the area with baggage. So, you must put your big luggage at hotel. All the visitors are scrutinized before letting them enter into the underground city.

Car Parking Facility

There is no car parking facilities in the site area. But near to the site, there is a bus station named Goreme Bus Station. It contains a parking lot named Grome Bus Station Parking Lot. You may park your car there. The cost of car parking depends on the amount of time you will park your car in the parking lot. You may also park your car in the nearby hotels as they provide car parking facility.

So, this place is worth visiting. You must make up time to visit the site if you are planning to have a tour in Turkey.

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