Canada International Phone Code +1

Canada has an ISD code +1 which is under the NANP (North American Numbering Plan). International call prefix is 011 and trunk prefix is 1 for this country.

Callers from outside of the country can dial (IDD)-(+1)-(Area Code)-(Telephone Number) for a fixed line number. For cellular mobile numbers the format is (IDD)-(+1)-(Cellular Number). IDD (International Direct Dial) is the exit code. This IDD differs from country to country. Local calls from landlines must be dialed without the leading “1”. The telephone numbers in this country follow the fixed-length Bell System format. 26 area codes are there in this country. These codes normally have three digits.

International Phone Dialing Codes

International Phone Dialing Codes

Canada International Phone Code +1

Telecommunication System:

All the modern technology is used in this country for telecommunication. Radio, Television, Internet, Telephone, Mobile, Broadband etc are used in this country. 25.086 million people use internet here. There are 1456 television broadcast stations in this country.

Mobile Operator Company:

A huge population of the country use cellular mobile phones. Around 26 million subscribers are using mobile phones. Though the CRTC is the regulator of telecom sector, mobile phone service is handled by Industry Canada. List of mobile operator companies is given here,

1. Rogers
2. Bell
3. Telus
4. Wind
There are some mobile virtual network operators like Virgin Mobile.

Telephone Operator Company:

In this country around 18.251 million people use telephone line. There are several telephone operator companies in this country. List of some telephone operator companies are given here,

1. Bell Aliant
2. BabyTEL
3. Bell Canada
4. Iristel

Emergency Numbers:

911-Police, Ambulance, Fire

Neighboring International Phone Number Country Codes

List of the nearest countries of Canada are given here with their ISD code,

United States of America (+1)
Saint Helena (+290)
Greenland (+299)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (+508)
Mexico (+52)

International ISD Phone Codes 
Worldwide isdcodes telephone calling codes.

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