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The Berlin Wall is located in German. It has separated the West Berlin from the East Berlin. It is famous for its historical importance. It had built after second world war. And it hadĀ fall and demolition in 1989.

Facts the Berlin Wall

From the year 1961 to 1989 for long 28 years, the wall kept West Berlin divided from the East Berlin. Within this period about 125 people were killed when they tried to leap over the wall from one side to other side. According to non-governmental sources, the number is 200. Recently found evidence says that the communist government ordered the law enforcing agencies to fire the perpetrators who leave the side of the government although the West German government repeatedly denied such order. In the year 1989, the West German government gave the permission to the people to go to East Germany. At that time thousands of people started to leap over the wall to reach the East Germany to meet their departed friends, and family members. The East German people welcomed them with love and affection. It was an amazing moment of the world history. Later the whole wall was demolished by the government to unite both the parts of the German. Later in the year 1990 the both East and West parts of Germany were united to build up a wealthy and prosperous nation. Some parts or remnants of the wall were kept as memorial and remember the people who gave their blood to unite the nation.

Berlin Wall German

Berlin Wall German

Tourist Attractions

The east side gallery strip is the biggest remaining wall that divided the east and west side of Berlin. The 1.3 kilometers long wall is stilling standing as the memorial of the freedom of the people of Berlin. The wall has been decorated with various kinds of paintings and arts that symbolizes the effort of the people of both East and West Berlin to unite with each other. You can also see the Brandenburg Gate which was built in the 18th century and the oldest gate of the city. When both East and West Berlin was united the gate was opened for the people and hence it is also a very important place to visit.
You should also pay a visit to Tiergarten, a park in the Berlin Wall area. It is the biggest park in the city which used to be the hunting ground for the kings as in the past there used to reside wild Deers, Wolves, and Bears. Manuer Park is another important place to visit in the area where you will be able to see a remnant of the Berlin Wall. There is a Museum Island in Berlin where there are 5 museums. If you like art, sculptures, and gallery you may visit them. There are many other things to watch in Berlin. The place is filled with so many attractions that thousands of people every year come to visit this site.

How to Get to TheĀ Location

From Berlin Tegel Airport, the Berlin Wall Memorial is about 9.5 kilometers away. It will take about 20 minutes to reach the site through via saatwinkler Damm. If you choose train route, it will take about half an hour to reach the site. Bus number 245 and 247 takes people to the memorial. There are many cheap and luxury hotels near the spot.

Opening and Closing Hours

You must know the opening and closing time of the memorial area before heading towards Berlin. In certain dates of the year, the memorial is kept closed for the visitors. The memorial remains closed for people the whole year except some specific dates. It remains closed during the Christmas and the New Year day. Also it may remain closed or visit in specific areas may be prohibited in case of renovation and repairmen work. Usually, the monument area opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm from Tuesday to Sundays.

Ticket for Entrance

The visitors need not purchase any ticket to visit the Berlin Wall Memorial but if you desire to visit the nearby famous Museums, it may cost you about Euro 12 to get admission. The visit of Berlin Wall is absolutely free for people of all ages including adults, young people, and children.

The Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the area is in the morning, if you do not like crowd or any hassle. In this case, you must try to reach the site half an hour ahead of opening the gate to avoid long queues. If you like crowd and a lot of people around you to share your feeling after viewing the memorial, you should they to visit the site in the evening. You should try to put your baggage at the hotel as they will hamper your sightseeing.

Car Parking Facility

If you desire to drive a car to the Berlin Memorial, you can park your car in Linden, Friedrichstrabe, and Gendarmenmarkt parking lots. It will cost you about Euro 3 per hour. You may get discount, if you desire to park your car for long hours. The car parking lots remained opened 25 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. There are many cheap car parking stations in the outskirts of Berlin.

Security and Safety

The area is administered by the state authority. A large number of people of the law enforcing authority are engaged to ensure the safety and security of the people in the city. There are a number of security guards employed in the area to protect the Berlin memorial. There is security camera surveillance system in the whole area. If you face any kind of threat in the area, you must contact with the security guards or police. You must not show your money in the public to avoid the pickpockets. You also should be careful of providing your credit card information while making purchases or payments.

So to sum up, we can say that the site is worth visiting. You will be able see in your own eyes the remnants of the wall that you only saw in pictures or read in books. You will also be able to enjoy other tourist attraction in the area.

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