Australian ISD Code Phone Dialing Number 0061

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and Australian ISD code of the country is +61. The country is divided into four major areas and each has their area code.

This country’s telephone numbers have ten digits. The telephone numbers start with “0”. Callers from outside of the country have to dial +61-(STD)-(Telephone Number). Callers from inside of the country can dial a number just replacing +61 with “0”. The first digits of a telephone or mobile number of the country specify the type of service.Canberra is the national capital of the country. Largest city of the country is Sydney. Sydney Opera House is one of the main focus in Sydney.

International Phone Dialing Codes

International Phone Dialing Codes

Australian ISD Code = 0061

Dialing System = +Country Code + City or State or District Code + Phone Number

Telecommunication System in Australia

In 1879 the first telephone service launched in this country. Melbourne and South Melbourne was connected with this. In the year 1880 the first telephone exchange company Melbourne Telephone Exchange Company opened and within 1884 around 7757 calls were handled.

Mobile Operator Companies

In the year 1981 the first mobile phone call was made in this country. Now there are several mobile operator companies in this country. In this country there are more than 30200000 mobile phones in use according to a survey of December 2013.The list of mobile companies are given here,

  • AAPT Limited
  • Allphones
  • Crazy John’s
  • Fone Zone
  • KISA Phone
  • 6. M.Net Corporation
  • Optus
  • Primus Telecommunications
  • Savvytel
  • Southern Cross Telco
  • Telstra
  • Virgin Broadband
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodafone Hutchison

Telephone Companies

In this country there are also several fixed line companies operating their service nationwide. List of Australia’s telephone companies are given here,

  • Telstra
  • Soul
  • BEST Internet & Telecom
  • AAPT
  • Apex Telecom
  • Optus
  • Primus
  • Telnetworks.netau
  • Time Telecom
  • Teleus
  • Clarus Telecom

According to the survey of 2008 there are 31490000 fixed line phone users in this country.

Neighboring Countries International Phone Codes

Australia is a country of the continent of the same name. There are a few neighboring countries of this country. Their names are given with their ISD code here,

New Zealand (+64)
Indonesia (+62)
Papua New Guinea (+675)
East Timor (+670)
Canada (+1)

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